Our primary focus is to significantly develop each athletes total athletic abilities in a very pragmatic science-based approach. As young athletes experiences “growth-spurts” their body’s Center-of-Gravity (COG) becomes a moving target, challenging their agility, timing and balance which can compromise speed and over-all game-time performance. Using our Core and Stability platform we reprogram and reconnect athletes with their COG. This connection, tied with a solid Speed, Agility, and Power training program is the foundation for success. Utilizing the following, each athlete will see significant improvements in their speed, athletic abilities, confidence, and willingness to train and try harder.

  • Extensive Training on Proper Running Form
  • Improve Foot Work/Cognitive Agility
  • Increase Explosiveness/Reaction Time
  • Build Core Strength/Stability

 Next Scheduled Speed and Agility Program: January 2019.

Dates and Times TBD