11-week Explosive Strength Training

Strength and Lifting Program. (WE DO NOT PERFORM 1-REP MAX) We believe proper lifting mechanics and form is everything, especially as an athlete enters their teenage years. We preach the importance of teaching young athletes “Why” lifting with certain mechanics and proper form is so important. Our athletes learn “How To” avoid the pitfalls of improper lifting which significantly reduces their risks of encountering a devastating injury on and off the field. We don’t just lift, we educate. PEL is offered to 7 & 8 grade athletes. However, our Mass Building Program is reserved for high school athletes only. Our coaching staff very attentive and are extremely seasoned professionals, (Meet the Coaches). Athletes train in a very controlled highly coached lifting environment where results are very important but second to safety and proper lifting form.

Heavy emphasis on daily nutrition accountability


Pre-program Test and Measures: Saturday, September 5th @ 10am

Program Starts: Monday, September 7th @ 6:00pm – 7:00pm

• Training Weeks 1-3: Sept 7th – Sept 25th
Week 4 – Active Recovery/Sprint Work: Sept 28th – Oct 2nd
• Training Weeks 5-7: Oct 5th – 23rd
Week 8 – Active Recovery/Sprint Work: Oct 26th – 30th
• Training Weeks 9-11: Nov 2nd – Nov 20th (Last Day)

Post-program Test and Measurements: November 21st

Last Date to Enroll: Friday, September 4th

$895 – Limited to 12 Athletes.
Spots reserved with payment only.

$50 Family Add-On Discount (use Promo Code: Family2)