9-Week Explosive Strength Program

Producing real measurable results is the cornerstone of our program but second to coaching proper lifting mechanics and form, especially with young athletes. The Team 1 coaching staff are seasoned professionals providing athletes a controlled instructional training experience. Each athlete is assessed prior to the program. We utilize these assessments to produce their individual 9-week progressive lifting schedule and nutritional requirements for their specific goals.

(There is a heavy emphasis on daily nutrition/calorie accountability)

Summer 2021

High School & Middle School Athletes

Individual 9 Week Programs
Explosive Strength Training

Program Details
• Increase Explosive Strength, Lean Muscle, and Mobility
• Personally Designed 9-Week Lifting Programs
• Meal Planning for Athletes with Weekly Accountability
InBody Body Composition Analysis, Pre & Post Program
• Post 9-Week Assessment Results Packet Pre/Post Photos
• Heavy Coaching on Proper Lifting Form/Technique

Weekly Lifting Times
Grades 10-12:    Mon & Wed: 1pm – 2pm, Friday: 10am
9th Grade:   Mon & Wed: 2pm – 3pm, Friday: 11am
Grades 7-8:   Mon & Wed: 3pm – 4pm, Friday: 1pm
Important Dates

• Pre-Program Assessments Begin May 28th, 2021
• Registration Deadline: May 29th, 2021
• Program Starts: Monday, June 7th, 2021

Max Number of Athletes Per Group: 16

$975 for first athlete
$925 immediate family add-on
Family discount code: Family2